BodyTrace treats individuals with a variety of concerns and conditions, from injuries of professional athletes to the specific needs of the elderly.


We’ve treated many patients with various problems and injuries including fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, muscle tension, stress, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, plantar fascitis as well as other sports-related injuries.

Variety of Techniques

Our team is trained numerous techniques, including Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, relaxation, lymphatic drainage and pre and postnatal massage.

We Come to You!

Too busy or in too much pain to make it to our studio? No problem! BodyTrace has a massage team we can send to you. Read more about this convenient service.

What exactly is a Registered Massage Therapist?
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A Massage Therapist is a regulated health professional, governed by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

  • Only members of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario are permitted to use the title Massage Therapist or Registered Massage Therapist and use the letters MT or RMT with their names.
  • Massage therapists have completed a 2-3 years diploma programme from a recognized massage therapy school.
  • Massage therapists participate in a Quality Assurance Programme that assists them in the maintenance of high professional standards and quality care of their clients. If you have any concerns about the care you receive from a massage therapist see “Complaints Process”, or contact the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario at (416) 489-2626 ext. 116 or toll free in Ontario at 1-800-465-1933 ext. 116.

BODYTRACE ATHLETE: Robyn Baldwin’s Big Accomplishments

Scotiabank 5K 2007 – My 1st 5KM and the beginning of my racing adventures
SeaWheeze Half Marathon 2013 – My 1st Half Marathon! Never thought I’d run that distance!
Spartan Beast Ottawa 2015 – My 1st Beast and I placed 6th in my age group!
Spartan Sprint Ottawa 2015 – The first time I was able to climb the rope at a Spartan race!
Spartan Sprint Bahamas 2015 – My 1st obstacle course race after I was diagnosed with MS (3 months after) and I placed 6th in my age group!


Tracey Elliott, owner of BodyTrace, is a highly sought after Massage Therapist with a growing reputation within the wellness industry. She is a Registered Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Fascial Stretch Therapist.

Tracey is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and holds the designation of Registered Massage Therapist. She graduated with Honours from Medix School, Toronto Campus.

Approaching each patient uniquely according to their specific needs, Tracey works diligently with her clients to achieve the best possible results in order to help them attain optimal health and wellness. She is keen on educating her clients, as it is her belief that massage therapy works best when incorporated with at-home tools to strengthen and stretch the body’s muscles. This not only promotes healing and reduces pain but can also prevent further injury.

Tracey truly enjoys providing relief and comfort to her clients on a daily basis. When not at work, Tracey enjoys spending time with friends and family and practicing Yoga.

BODYTRACE ATHLETE: Caroline Carruthers’ Big Accomplishments

100 freestyle (SC) 1:00.13 :: 200 freestyle (SC) 2:08.91 :: 50 butterfly (SC) 28.67 :: 100 butterfly (SC) 1:02.90 :: 200 butterfly (SC) 2:22.73


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